Kelly Armatage is a globally recognised Therapist and expert in the field of psychological trauma and behavioural transformation.  Kelly is a TEDx Speaker and has facilitated over 15,000 1:1 therapy sessions.  Kelly specialises in creating change for individuals via the release of stored trauma and the rewiring of unhealthy subconscious beliefs, emotions and habits. Kelly is also the creator of the therapy technique A.S.K. (accredited via The International Coaching Federation).  The A.S.K. Technique is a powerful somatic and cognitive tool that rewires limiting beliefs and learned behaviours.   A.S.K. is a miraculous and life-changing technique that is being utilised by Therapists, Coaches and Healers worldwide. Kelly’s mission is providing healing for millions of people, through her internationally acclaimed therapy tools, online videos, courses, sessions and seminars.

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A.S.K. – “I want a new job”.

A.S.K. – “I don’t know my professional purpose”.

A.S.K. – “I want a new job”.

A.S.K. – “I need to release my husband’s death”.

A.S.K. – “I get angry a lot”.

A.S.K. – “I am angry at my father because he drinks too much”.

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Kelly’s work has been featured in The Huffington Post, BBC, Sunday Express, TEDx, Sirius XM, Time Out, Psychology Today, Fox News and Women’s Health.

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