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Please find attached terms & conditions below:-

My commitment to you – I will always be available on time for your booked session.  If I am unable to attend or will be late for the session, I will give you as much notice as possible.   You are assured of my 100% commitment, time and dedication in providing the very best in personal therapy to you.  If you need to contact me outside of our timed sessions, you may do so and I will assist accordingly by phone and email.

Your commitment – I like to work with committed clients, who have a high level of intention to work through their issues. Please be prepared to become very self aware and to be expected to do deep analysis for self realisation and awareness. This is the only way to be guided to major results.  Commitment, courage and openness is required on your behalf, so that we can then have resonance and work together for true change.

Confidentiality – Everything that passes between us is fully confidential.  Any notes made are in a locked filing cabinet.  You will not be identifiable from the notes, as names are not marked down.  All notes from our sessions are destroyed at the completion of the program.

Payment – All payment is in advance.  Payment must be made a minimum of 48 hours before your session to secure the diary slot.  If you fail to give 24 hours notice for a cancellation, the session will be charged in full, as I would be unable to replace your time with another client.  I will confirm your session 24 hours in advance, via text/email, as a reminder of the session time. Please can you reply back with your confirmation of attendance.  Any packages of sessions taken need to be used within 3 months to ensure continuity of the therapeutic process. If the 3 months lapse, the sessions become void.

Refunds – No refunds are offered for any packages or sessions or courses taken.  Packages are taken with your commitment to go forward and complete all therapeutic sessions agreed in the initial session.

Session Times – Sessions are booked for 60 mins.  Please ensure you arrive on time or are online on time, as my daily diary tends to be fully booked. If you anticipate being late for your session, please inform me as soon as possible.

Courses – For any courses purchased online, you will, upon receipt of online payment, automatically receive a copy of the course in electronic format, with any supplementary information such as video links etc.