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Do You Refuse To Learn Your Life Lessons?

Many people misunderstand the concept of Karma and Life Lessons. Some people think it’s almost fate.  The truth is most of us have it wrong and this misunderstanding doesn’t help any of us.  When you truly understand the concept of Karma and Life Lessons, it can be used as a powerful tool for self-development.

Below is a Buddhist Master’s simple explanation of both:-

“Karma is an action, not a result.  The future is not set in stone.  You can change the course of your life right now by changing your intentional acts and self-destructive patterns”.

Then we come onto the definition of life lesson:-

“A life lesson is to learn from your negative karma and self-destructive patterns.  If you choose to repeat the same negative choice and self-destructive pattern, it becomes a choice, not a mistake”.

As a Therapist who has facilitated over 10,000 sessions and also via my own life journey, I see people worldwide refuse to learn their life lessons and continue to live the same painful cycle over and over again.

This negative karmic cycle could be in any of the following life areas: –

– Health (ie repeating sickness, alcoholism, weight issues etc)
– Relationships (ie repeating conflict, toxic relationships)
– Career (ie repeating job loss, bullying, settling for less than)
– Finances (ie repeating debt, bankruptcy or settling for a limited salary)
– Parenting (ie repeating parental guilt and mistreatment to children)
– Spiritual (ie repeating negative emotion, depression, guilt etc)
– Social (ie repeating loneliness, no network or toxic friends)

One of the reasons individuals find it so hard to learn their life lessons is due to the subconscious pay-offs that are attached to the action.  Despite the action creating a negative result in the individual’s life area and deep sadness, guilt and anger, it is the subconscious “pleasure” before and during the act that keeps the karmic pattern and loop in place and hence why people repeat the same patterns over and over for months, years and even decades.  They are stuck in a seesaw of emotional highs and lows.

After the first mistake or pain is felt, it is the subconscious addiction to this high that ensures the non-learning of the life lesson.  Only upon frequent pain and frequent karmic outcomes that causes a rock bottom or pain threshold (ie two divorces or two heart attacks or two nervous breakdowns) does the individual then look within and learn to make a new choice and keep repeating that new ritual for a new life result.

Having observed these patterns in individuals over the last 13 years, I decided to write a program for the public so that they could really get an insight into the psychology of choice, patterns and go on to actually learn their life lessons.  This program has been created to simply solve any problem, without the need for a Therapist of Facilitator.  Although, those that wish to have a Facilitator may do so via an A.S.K. session.

The program is A.S.K. (A Serenity Kit) which contains the powerful and accredited A.S.K. Technique and it teaches you the following: –

– Why you have emotional pain – (judgement of your karma)
– Why you have negative karma – (ingrained dysfunctional learned behaviours & picked-up-habits)
– Why you have habits – (attachment to subconscious rewards)
– How to change the above – (via cognitive rewiring and self-awareness)
– This then ensures the LEARNING OF THE LIFE LESSON

To learn The A.S.K. Technique, so that you may change your karma in your health or your finances or your relationships and so on, I have the following options for you:-

A SERENITY KIT (The $65 Therapy KIT that can save you hundreds of $$$s – includes book with 10 worksheets, audiobook (CD), video tutorial (USB) & a fridge magnet set) – Order here –



TAKE THE A.S.K. COURSE $1500 (and get paid to help others with their problems) – 10 Modules online, ICF Accreditation, 5 Tutor Sessions – Order here –

Even when life becomes painfully unfair, you have a choice. You can choose to learn the most valuable of life’s lessons now or later.  See below testimonials of people that invested in A.S.K. :-

Ayesha Rees – A.S.K. is a brilliant kit if you are looking for change! Not sure where to start or if you even need to change? Are there areas of your life that aren’t working in the way you want them to? – start there!! This kit asks the right questions to empower you. I would add that the perfect compliment to this kit is a 1:1 session with Kelly once you begin to work on your self, your life will change beyond all recognition. Good luck on your new journey xxx

Fazeeda Sarju – I have just completed the ” A.S.K. ” program. What a master-piece you have created Kelly Armatage. Your program is very user friendly and the worksheets are now going to be guiding me through my personal and business plans. Thank you for creating a simple and effective program which allows us to clear blockages and bad habits that we have adopted which have been getting in the way of our success in life and business. I strongly recommend everyone to pick up a kit for themselves, for gifts, for their employees. Everyone one should have a kit !

Salman Jaberi – One of the best products I’ve ever invested in. For a period of time, I couldn’t get through my day without consulting my friends or having a shoulder to be miserable on; not only did that affect me but also the people surrounding me. I found this kit very useful on how to shift emotions from misery/pain into contentment/comfort. This kit would make a great gift for anyone, especially teenagers and people who find it hard to express their emotions to other people, the shift results are immediate and effective. Thank you Kelly, for blessing us with such an amazing product; it’s 3 small steps that can solve and end human self-induced suffering.


Wishing you success and serenity always
Kelly xx