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Do You Refuse To Learn Your Life Lessons?

Many people misunderstand the concept of Karma and Life Lessons. Some people think it’s almost fate.  The truth is most of us have it wrong and this misunderstanding doesn’t help any of us.  When you truly understand the concept of read more ->

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How To Be Happy – 5 Ways To Be Happier

Ahhhhh happiness!!! The emotion many of us are striving for.  “All I want is to be happy” is a statement you may hear a good friend or relative say or indeed, it may be a statement you might state to read more ->

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The Root Cause of Anxiety & Panic Attacks and How You Never Need Suffer Again

  Hello there, I hope you are having an awesome day, wherever in the world you are. Today, in my newsletter, I wanted to share a piece of my past, that at times I do talk a little bit about in read more ->

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20 Secrets To An Amazing Life

  Life can be challenging!  For although there are beautiful highs, we can be assured of the painful lows.  Those low times teach us new behaviours, new belief systems, new lessons, IF we are able to self reflect, listen and read more ->

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How does self acceptance affect your success?

As a Coach and Therapist and having facilitated over 10,000 1:1 sessions over the last decade, what I have observed in my coaching sessions is this – it doesn’t matter how many $$$ my clients have, how many PHd’s they have read more ->

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Transitioning Tough Times

Life as we know it is full of ups and downs.  The ups are those wonderful periods of time, whereby we feel at our most confident, when we feel indestructible.  Everything is flowing, everything seems under control, an element of read more ->

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